The shopkeeper from Back East? His wife isn’t really his wife. He’s the procurer and she’s the available woman. Their marriage is a front. Your brother’s son, your nephew, is fourteen years old. He’s been stealing money from his father, your brother, and taking it to visit this woman. Your brother is in a bitter rage, humiliated by his son’s thievery and grieving his son’s lost innocence. He’s going to shoot her. What do you do?

Alright, folks, let’s play some Dogs in the Vineyard!

For those of you who don’t know, Dogs in the Vineyard is a “story” or “indie” game written by Vincent Baker. Here’s his into:

Dogs in the Vineyard is about God’s Watchdogs, young men and women called to preserve the Faithful in a hostile frontier territory. They travel from town to isolated town, carrying mail, news, and doctrine, healing the sick, supporting the weary, and pronouncing judgment upon the wicked. A town welcomes you with celebration and honor, but what you’re there to do is stir up its dirt and lay bare its sins. The setting is a fantasy inspired by pre-statehood Utah, the Desert Territory, in the early-mid 19th century. Picture a landscape of high mountains, icy rivers and cedar woods, falling away westward into scrublands, deserts, buttes and swells. The summer skies are heartbreaking blue, but the winters are long and killing. Picture religious pioneers, fleeing persecution and violence in the East. They’re trying to establish a society based on faith and righteousness out in this frontier. They’ve made the long trek westward but they’re still in danger: their towns are small and isolated, vulnerable to attack from without, sin and corruption within. Under pressure, their pride becomes sin, their anger becomes violence, their resentments become hate. Winter and the demons howl… Picture God’s Watchdogs, holding the Faith together.

If you don’t know how to play, don’t worry. The mechanics are super simple and you can learn what you need to play in about an hour. It’s also not really a campaign game as much as it is an episodic game, so we’re not going to worry about some kind of set schedule. Whenever we can get three or four people together to play over Skype for a few hours, we’ll run a town – keep your eyes open for short-notice sessions.

If you’ve never played Dogs before, you’ll want to come to a tutorial/character creation session. The first one of these will be on February 6th at 9PM EST and will last around 90 minutes or so. Please add your characters to this campaign so we can keep ‘em all organized and handy.

So who’s in?

D20s In the Vineyard